At Oldfield Primary School we aim to enable each individual regardless of ability to achieve their full potential; to prepare for future life, to develop a thirst for life-long learning, and to become good citizens equipped for the challenges of the 21st Century.

Through exposure to a wide range of teaching and learning experiences, pupils will achieve their full potential as independent, THINKING, learners. Relevant, enjoyable and enriching activities will develop their thirst for life-long learning.

Our motto is “It’s Fun to Learn”

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Oldfield Primary School is a  set in a semi-rural area between Miadenhead and Bray.

The school is heavily oversubscribed, currently taking only from the catchment area. It has 394 pupils at present and will reach full capacity of 420 children by 2018.  Children are in chronologially grouped classes.  We moved into our new school premises in September 2015; the school buildings consist of fourteen classrooms and breakout spaces, two halls and a learning resources centre.

Our teachers work well in a dedicated, professional team, they are open minded, enthusiastic about achieving high standards in all aspects of their job, willing to keep up to date with current issues and research and with a commitment to educating and developing the ‘whole’ child.  We believe in a balanced all round education, including the arts and sport, with high expectations for all our children to succeed in many areas of the curriculum and enrichment activities.

All classes at Oldfield have a classroom assistant who works almost full time. With additional help from other Teacher’s Assistants who work with Special Educational Needs children, and many volunteers, the teacher is well supported. All teachers also have half a day a week with supply cover to allow them to plan and carry out paperwork.

Oldfield Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the well being of children and young people.

Designated Person for Safeguarding and Child Protection:  Mr Richard Jarrett

Deputy Designated Person for Safeguarding and Child Protection:  Mrs Louise Greene