We believe that it is our responsibility to provide equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, age socio-economic background or ability.

 We will encourage children to become confident, competent, caring and self-aware individuals, able to take their place in our increasingly complex, multi-cultural society.


 Our policy is based on our core values and expressed in the school’s aims.  Oldfield school offers a stimulating and secure learning environment.  We want our pupils to be as balanced emotionally, socially and morally as possible.  We aim to enable each child to reach their highest academic potential.


  • We believe that every member of the school community is of equal value.
  • We believe that every child has the right to equal access to, and participation in, all aspects of school life.
  • We will provide equal opportunities to enable all our children and staff to raise their self-esteem, expectations and performance.
  • We believe in endeavouring to make the school a place where everyone, irrespective of their race, colour, ethnic, national origin, or disability feels welcomed and valued.




  • ·         We seek to ensure appropriate provision is made for every child with regard to background, abilities and interests within the usual financial and time constraints.
  • ·         The curriculum builds on pupils’ starting points and is differentiated appropriately to insure the inclusion of: boys and girls; pupils learning English as an additional language; pupils from minority ethnic groups; pupils who are gifted and talented; pupils with special educational needs; pupils who are looked after by the local authority; pupils who are at risk of disaffection and exclusion.
  • ·         We include a broad multi-cultural dimension across the curriculum.
  • ·         We make time available to discuss relevant issues, e.g. gender stereotyping, racism, name-calling etc.

 Organisation and Management 

  • We have high expectations of all our children and are aware of their different needs and abilities, thus we can provide clearly differentiated tasks when appropriate.
  • We are aware of criteria for grouping.
  • We are aware of the time and attention, which needs to be given to all children.
  • We provide additional support where necessary.
  • The school management will work in partnership with others to promote equality of opportunity, oppose all forms of oppressive behaviour, prejudice and discrimination.


  • We review continually the appropriateness and balance of resources in each curriculum area.  Subject co-ordinators are responsible for this in collaboration with Headteacher.
  • We try to promote non-stereotypical views of gender, home background, race and ability.
  • All pupils have the opportunity to achieve their highest standards. Baseline assessment is used appropriately for all pupils.  The school ensures that assessment is free of gender, cultural and social bias, and the assessment methods are in line with current accepted practices and guidelilnes.

 School Environment 

  • We aim to reflect our multi-cultural society in displays and to promote positive balanced images of all peoples and cultures.
  • We make every effort to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.
  • Instances of harassment, of whatever nature, name-calling or other abuse will be quickly dealt with and followed up, in accordance with the school’s Behaviour and Anti-bullying Policy.

 Parents and Community 

  • We endeavour to make all parents and new families feel welcome.
  • Comprehensive information about pupils’ ethnicity, first language, religion, physical needs, diet etc. is included in all admissions forms.
  • We encourage all parents (regardless of gender and background) to become involved in the school’s PTA – OSA (Oldfield School Association) and Governing body.
  • Meetings for parents are made accessible to all. Parental involvement is monitored to ensure the participation of all groups.
  • Provision is made for leave of absence for religious observance which includes staff as well as pupils.


  • We ensure that the school’s recruitment, selection and promotional procedures are based upon good equal opportunities practice and in line with statutory duties and LA guidelines.
  • The skills of all staff, including support and part-time staff are recognised and valued.  All staff are given status and support and are encouraged to share their knowledge,
  • The school’s equal opportunity and racial equality policy is upheld by the staff and reflected in their behaviour.

 Monitoring and Review 

  • ·         This policy underpins all other policy documents and is subject to regular review.
  • ·         We will monitor the effectiveness of our policy by regularly reviewing our progress on the wider social and personal issues involved, and to ensure that it does not disadvantage particular sections of the community.



Member of Staff responsible for Equal Opportunities is