To create a smoke-free school

• To provide a smoke-free school environment for everyone
• To provide young people with a consistent message regarding tobacco use and provide appropriate role models.

• Smoking is the single most preventable cause of premature death and ill health in the UK
• Second-hand Smoke – “breathing other people’s tobacco smoke” causes at least 1,000 people to die a year. It has been shown to cause lung cancer, heart disease and cause the onset of asthma, chest and ear infections and cot death in children. It also leads to over 50 children being admitted to hospital per day, 80% of smokers take up the habit as teenagers with 450 children starting smoking every day (ASH)
• The Governments White Paper ‘Choosing health – making healthy choices’, identifies plans to place restrictions on smoking within the workplace
• The school under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) has a duty of care to provide a healthy work environment
• Everyone has the right to a smoke-free environment
• Schools have a major role to play in health education and prevention
• Young people need to receive consistent messages and require non-smoking role models within the school. It has been shown that the biggest factor affecting youth smoking is prevalence of adult smoking and young people’s exposure to seeing smoking (ASH 2004)

Smoking will NOT be permitted (this includes e-cigarettes) in any part of the school premises.

The enforcement of this smoking policy will be the responsibility of all designated responsible persons within the school. The school’s disciplinary procedure will apply for dealing with employees who breach the smoking ban at work. Employees who raise genuine concerns about breaches of this policy will be protected from victimisation.

This policy applies to employees, parents, visitors, members of the public, contractors and others working or using the schools premises or vehicles. This policy will be clearly advertised and visitors to the school will be informed of it.

Staff are authorised to ask non-employees who breach the policy to leave the premises.

The smoking policy will apply to all activities held on school premises including those held during school hours and out of school hours. This includes all social and sporting events, and any meetings organised, which are attended by school employees as part of their work and /or visitors to such meetings/events.

Employees should avoid being seen smoking in public in sight of pupils, parents and visitors in order to enforce a comprehensive approach.

Non-compliance by pupils will be dealt with in agreement of the schools Disciplinary Procedure.

There will be NO designated smoking area provided within the school premises. .

Facilities for Smokers
No facilities for smoking in the workplace will be provided although support will be given to smokers to assist them to stop smoking if they require it. Please see (Help with smoking cessation).

The smoking ban will apply to all school owned/hired/leased vehicles. No one will be allowed to smoke inside any school owned/hired leased vehicles.

Employees are asked to refrain from smoking in their own vehicles when on school business, and when carrying passengers,

Help with smoking Cessation
The school will support employees in school wishing to give up smoking by advertising and promoting the three Berkshire Stop Smoking Services. The Services offered include group and one-to-one therapy.

Where practicable, requests from employees to attend smoking cessation programmes during working hours will be supported.

Education and Publicity
Suitable posters and NO Smoking Signs will be displayed in school areas to create a positive visual message, which supports a Smoke-free working environment.

New Buildings
This policy will apply equally to all future premises at the design stage of any new building and refurbishment or relocation project.

This school is a No Smoking school and this should be made clear within all its appointments procedures, staff handbooks and the school prospectus.

Health and Safety
The above policy on smoking at work forms part of the school’s Health and Safety Policy arrangements.

Healthy Schools
The policy was developed following recommended good practice from the Healthy Schools Programme.

Drug Education
Cigarettes contain tobacco which is a drug thus linking the School’s Smoke-free Policy to drug education and opportunities with the DfES guidance (2004)

This will be reviewed every two years. This policy was adopted by the Finance,Premises and Personnel Committee –  November 2017