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Oldfield Primary School

Oldfield Primary School

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Welcome to the EYFS page. We have two EYFS classes: Inkpen and Rosen.

We will add work along with a newsletter weekly while we are closed. Please keep an eye on the website each Monday for work to be completed that week.

If you have any queries please email your class teacher

Rosen - Miss Goodson -

Inkpen - Mrs Badesha - 

31/03/20 - Dear Parents,

I have added the sight words booklets, sight words letter, phoneme frame, CVC words and CVC cards to the website. These were all the resources that we sent home in the packs. Packs were only available at the office to children who were not in school for the last Thursday/Friday as any children in school were given their packs in their book bags

If your child is on a reading book they would have received their sight words booklet to practice and if your child was not on a reading book by the time we broke up they would have been given a CVC pack with a phoneme frame.

If you child is not yet on a book but you think your child is ready for a sight words booklet they must be confident at CVC words first before moving on. If you would like to discuss this with your class teacher please email them. When you start the sight words booklet please start on booklet 1 and ask your child to learn 4 words a week. Ask your child to recall the words on a daily basis to you, they are called sight words as not all of them can be sounded out phonetically so therefore have to be learnt by sight. After looking at the words please test them the following week, when they have learnt a word and can recall it move onto the next word - please don't rush through the booklet, the children are tested on these words during Year 1 also. Once they have completed the booklet please ask them to read it to you again, make a note of any words they haven't mastered and teach and test them again on those words the following week. We would not expect children to complete Booklet 2 by the end of EYFS, this would usually happen half way through Year 1.

If you have any queries, concerns or questions please email your class teacher.

Many thanks,

Miss Goodson - EYFS Co-Ordinator

3/4/20 - Handwriting sheets.

We have added all the handwriting sheets for you to complete over Easter if you wish. After Easter we will teach one new letter a week by a recorded video and add on a sheet to match the letter taught. If you wish to complete the sheets please complete them in the order they are presented below from top to bottom.

Many thanks,

Miss Goodson and Mrs Badesha