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Oldfield Primary School

Oldfield Primary School

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The school’s governing body is generally responsible for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of education. They act together rather than individuals.  Each Governor’s term of office is four years.

The full governing body meets 6 times a year.  Groups of Governors form committees to meet and discuss such topics as the curriculum, personnel matters, finance, school improvement, Health and Safety and site and buildings.

On 26th January 2015 the governing body was reconstituted to 11 Governors as follows:

  • 1 LA Governor
  • 4 Parent Governors
  • 4 Community Governors
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • The Headteacher

The Governing Body also has 2 Associate members to assist them in their work at present. 

Please to read our Governor’s profiles below.

Oldfield Governor Profiles

September 2021

Viv Williams – LA Governor

Viv is Chair of Governors and SEN Governor.  She also is a member of FPP, CC&C, TPPC, and Target Setting Committees.  She first became associated with the school in 1982 and has had 2 children at Oldfield who both had an excellent start to their education.  She was PTA Secretary throughout the children’s’ time at the school and was elected Parent Governor in 1985.  She is currently a Local Authority Governor and Link Governor to the OSA. Viv is also our SEN Governor.  Viv has been on the Board of Governors from 27th September 1996, and her current term of office is due to end on 12th June 2025.

John Wanklyn – Community Governor

John was elected a Parent Governor in 2009 and served two 3 year terms while his boys Andrew and Oliver progressed through the school.  When his boys left Oldfield, John was appointed a Local Community Governor. John sits on the FPP, Committee.  He is also the Health and Safety Governor.  John has been on the Board of Governors from 1st September 2009, and his current term of office is due to end on 31st August 2025.

Gina Botterill - Community Governor

Gina joined the Governing Body in 2003 which followed her time on the OSA Committee where she served as both Secretary and joint Chair.  She Chairs the Curriculum, Communication and Children (incorporating health and Wellbeing),Committee (CC&C), serves on the FPP Committee and the Teachers Pay and Performance (TPPC) Committee. Gina is also the Safeguarding Governor.  She also looks after the Key Stage 2 Library in a voluntary capacity. Her current term of office is due to end on 31st August 2025.

Gina works in her own HR Consulting business with her husband Ian.  Their son Matthew attended Oldfield until 2004 and he is now working in Africa after completing his degree at University studying Zoology.

Kate Walker - Community Governor

Kate joined us as a Community Governor in February 2019. She sits on the CC&C Committee, Her current term of office is due to end in February 2022.

Sam Pickering – Staff Governor

Sam Pickering joined the Governing Body on 20th June 2021.  Sam is a Teacher in an Early Years class. Sam's current term of office is due to end on 19th June 2025.

Lorraine Woolrich - Community Governor

After teaching Physics and Maths at Newlands Girls’ School for 25 years, Lorraine joined the Governing Body of Oldfield School in 2005 as a Community Governor.  She lives within walking distance of the school and knows families whose children are, or have been pupils at Oldfield.   She is a member of the FPP and Target Setting Committees. Lorraine’s term of office is due to end on 30th August 2025.

Lorraine’s grandson started at the school in September 2015 and left in July 2021 to attend senior school.

Mrs Amy Hewitt – Parent Governor

Amy Hewitt joined the Governing Body on 9th November 2017 as an elected Parent Governor. Amy has now one child in Year 6 who left in July 2021.  Amy sits on the Learning, Families, Community and Healthy Schools committee.  Her term of office is due to end on 8th November 2021.

Mr Justin Glanvill - Parent Governor

Justin Glanvill joined the Governing Body in February 2019, elected by the parents.   He has two children, one in Year 4 and one in Year 2. Justin is the Chair of the Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee. His Term of office is due to end on 10th February 2023

Mrs Babita Datta - Parent Governor

Babita Datta joined the Governing Body in February 2019, elected by the parents. She has a child in Year 3. Babita sits on the CC&C Committee.  Her term of office runs until 10th February 2023

Ms Alice Donato - Parent Governor

Alice joined the Governing body as a Parent Governor in December 2019.  She has a child in Year 3. Alice is the Vice Chair of the Governing Body and sits on the CC&C and Target Setting Committees.  Her term of office ends on 4th December 2023.

Associate Members

Associate members are people who the governing body have appointed to assist them in their duties.  Associate members do not have any voting rights at Full Governing Body meetings, but Voting Rights may be given at committee level.

Cllr Geoffrey Hill

Cllr Hill joined the Governing Body in December 2012 as a LA Governor He is an LA Councillor in Customer and Business Services.  He became an Associate Member following reconstitution in January 2015.  His term of office of due to end on 31st August 2022

Dr Caroline Scott-Lang

Caroline Scott-Lang joined the governing body on 23rd October 2016 as an elected Parent Governor. Caroline and moved to an Associate Member.

Caroline has one child in Year 6 and one in Year 3 and she sits on the CC&C committee.  Her term of office is due to end on 22nd October 2022.



Curriculum, Communication and Children (Incorporating Health and Wellbeing)

FPP Finance, Premises and Personnel
TPPC Teachers Pay and Performance Committee

Other committees are convened when necessary during the year ie; HT Pay and Performance, Target Setting

Any other committees i.e.; exclusions, complaints, are appointed as and when required from the Governing Body members.

All Governing Body minutes are available to view upon request at the school office