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Oldfield Primary School

Oldfield Primary School

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About us

Welcome to the Oldfield School Association

We all want the very best experience for our children and families at Oldfield Primary school. The Oldfield School Association (OSA) is a charitable organisation, composed of a fun and friendly group of parents, teachers and carers who all want to contribute towards making the Oldfield experience even better.

OSA activities

  • School community - Creating a sense of community within the school by creating enjoyable events for children, families and teachers
  • Fundraising – Providing much needed funds to support school activities and enhance school infrastructure

Use of funds

In the last few years, the OSA has provided

  • £200 to each class in the school to allow teachers to buy support materials for use in class and on school trips
  • Sunshades for the Quad and KS1 playground (donation matched by the school)
  • Multi-gym equipment
  • Adventure trail and bird hide
  • TV and software licences
  • Funds to subsidise fun events for the children such as the Christmas Shopping morning, the EYFS BBQ and the year 6 end of school celebration.

How can I help?

We are looking for your ideas and your energy! We know that everyone leads busy lives so we are happy to receive your efforts big or small.

  • Can you support OSA activities by attending events and encouraging others to do so?
  • Can you save up your old clothes for “Bags to School” collections?
  • Can you get a donation from your employer? Many employers have charitable funds available to support their local community – just asking a question could raise a contribution.
  • Can you or your company donate raffle prizes?
  • Are you interested in creating a sponsored activity to benefit the school?
  • Key events like the Christmas and Summer Fairs require wide participation to be successful, so we really need as any people as possible to run a stall for a short period so that we can all enjoy a great event.
  • Can you help to set up or run an event? It may sound scary, but many hands make light work.

We’ll keep you informed of impending events through office emails, the Oldfield School Facebook page and class reps.

If you’d like to join the Oldfield School Facebook page, please request access here.

We’d love it if you could also come along to the OSA AGM and other meetings to find out more and influence what we do.

If you’d like to get involved in any way and help with the events that we are organising for our children, please feel free to email to find out more.

The OSA Committee

The core team responsible for overall governance is listed below.

The OSA Committee


Catherine Page


Allan Donaldson


Jo Mason


Gayna Hall

Co-Vice Chair

Emma Fairley

Co-Vice Chair

Divya Jayakar

Co-Vice Chair

Niki Patel

Co-Vice Chair

Amir Mohazab


Carole Wood


Christopher Hill


Amelia Goodson

Staff Representative

Viv Williams

Governor Representative/ President

Adelina Rusu

Media Coordinator

Melissa Carr

Media Coordinator


Class reps are also invaluable in helping with school and OSA communications and building our school community.

OSA Expenses

If you have any OSA expenses to claim, please use the link below.