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P.E and Sports Premium

Oldfield Primary School appreciates the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of its children. We also acknowledge that a broad, balanced, high quality curriculum and extra-curricular activities have a positive impact on concentration, attitude and achievement. We are committed to ensuring that all pupils receive, on average, 30 minutes of physical activity every day within school, delivered by well-trained and enthusiastic teachers. Children can also choose to join in with any part of the diverse enrichment programme we offer of OSH activities. The Sport Premium funding is allowing us to develop a sustainable improvement in teacher confidence and to firmly embed a culture of participation and competition and achievement for all pupils as soon as they enter the school.

Regular staff training opportunities are provided for teachers and teaching assistants (TAs) to keep them abreast of new initiatives. We run a Sports Day and cultural week every year including competitive races for KS2 as well as an opportunity to show case dances or gymnastic routines created throughout the year. Teachers, TAs, coaches, parents and Sports Leaders provide a wide range of before school, lunch time and after school sports clubs, both for team and individual sports. Oldfield Primary School has an unrivalled record in local sports competitions and events in Ascot and Maidenhead and has regularly reached, and won, county finals. This could not have been achieved without the support and commitment of all helpers, which is, and always will be, very much appreciated.

Oldfield receives approx £ 18,500

The impact will be monitored by the PE Leader in the first instance and overseen by the Headteacher.

 Monitoring will include observations of teaching, drop-ins to clubs run by school staff, volunteers and outside agencies to ensure that provision is of high quality and that take-up of each extra-curricular activity is appropriate.

Report for 2017-18





Sustainability and suggested next steps:

Professional development / training


Dance CPD for all classes ongoing throughout the year by elite dance coach

Jane Douglass with take every class with teacher present to complete a finished dance routine based on the curriculum


Immediate impact on all pupils as they achieve a professional dance together as a class – working towards school Dance production in Summer 1

Teachers are also given lesson plans and the music which are stored in central PE folder and can be used in subsequent years in a variety of ways


Releasing effective teachers to lead improvements in PE & Sport

FH to oversee PE & Sport providing support, guidance, CPD opportunities, OSH activities and data collection and analysis 1/2 day a week


Increased confidence from teachers and support staff and needs of all children met through precise and well informed teaching




PE and Sport are used to engage the wider community and forge links with local clubs; Maidenhead hockey club, Maidenhead tennis, cricket, football, judo, netball and rugby, Cippenham Table Tennis. PE lead to signpost pupils to outside clubs

Invite clubs into schools to deliver sessions, speak in assemblies, including international athletes

Coach for 60 children to Boyne Hill Cricket Club

Part of day release


More links with clubs/Independent schools sharing facilities and equipment, inspiring young people to have a go and this girl can!

PE subject Leader to identify any staff who need further support and to provide appropriate professional learning. - Further professional learning opportunities for staff who request it. For example: Teachers gain ideas from coaches who come in and ideas are shared via PE folder in Staff Room

Visits from International and inspirational players

Kathryn Lane from England Hockey spent the afternoon with Year 6 in September

Time to organise and plan

Inspiring both pupils and staff and the reinforcing the values needed to succeed ass a top international player. 4 more pupils joined local hockey club.


Training & development of new sports leaders, in liaison with Sports Leaders UK to become an accredited centre

Sports Leaders in Y5 & Y6 trained by PE lead to deliver warm ups for clubs and act as role models/ ambassadors for all pupils. This year they have added 3 new activities; badminton, cheerleading and Dance and led their own Year 3 netball club

Part of day release to train and oversee

New skills and greater self confidence for leaders is achieved as well as embedding sport into their lives on another level. The first place of the Year 3/4 High 5's team was in part due to the commitment of these leaders

PE subject leader to meet with a broad range of pupils to talk about their PE lessons and to ascertain their knowledge and understanding of the subject


Year 6 are trained to cycle safely on the local roads around school

Now sustainable activity

More pupils cycle to school safely


Orienteering training and development for both staff and children in UKS2

Outside coach comes in to take classes around pre-designed courses both in school and at the Odney Club and other local schools.


Oldfield A are currently County Champions with the lowest score possible.

Merlin Vyner a National Orienteering coach will continue to work with Oldfield Primary School in the Summer Term.



Increase level of girls participation

Mascot Day with Magpies in the Community

Past of day release

Girls football increasing in popularity throughout school

Add more fun fixtures to the calendar

PE and sport are used to foster positive relationships within school and with other schools

All pupils are encouraged to participate in some part of the school's enrichment programme which includes a diverse range of sports and activities

Past of day release

Target all year 5 and 6 to have a 80% take up of at least one OSH activity – 82% achieved


Swimming lessons for Year 1, 3 and 5

New curriculum requirement for all Year 6 pupils to be able swim 25m proficiently.


Target all Year 5 pupils to reach new standard set


Hockey club training on Astro at local secondary school thanks to links with the local club allows more pupils to receive quality coaching and entry qualification for County Tournament

County Hockey finals entry fee


Increased participation with over 40 pupils invited to train. Provision for more able pupils and a 1st place for the boys in the plate county finals and 5th for the girls


New for girls football have been added to our OSH clubs

A TA runs the girls football with support from Magpies in the Community on a Friday after school


Entered 2 girls teams in the Maidenhead United area competition and one team reached the semi-finals.


Gymnastics Morning

More teachers confident to take on OSH activity

Each term the group perform at a parents assembly to celebrate what they have learnt

The PE team is growing in numbers and confidence and sharing the workload and fulfilment of taking OSH activities



Twitter account opened and used to help celebrate

Post regular updates of events both in school and outside. For example one pupil has now reached top 10 in the county with her Table Tennis

Past of day release

More engagement with parents  and the wider community


Sport  PE and Dance celebration week

Sports Day and workshops in dance/ drama

Cost of coach/deliverer

Up to £1000

Fabulous performance day – this year on Friday 13th July-  will be the culmination of all the practice put in


Awards assembly for all pupils and parents

Pupils are presented with awards for all their achievements throughout the year

Cost of trophies and or engraving

Up to £200

Trophy cabinet on display in entrance foyer for all visitors and children to see


PE & Sport notice board in both KS1 and KS2

Print and laminate photos from PE lessons, lunch time clubs and competitions entered


Visual impact for visitors, parents and children is immense and encouraging

Pupils are inspired to get their pictures on the board

Improving Activity, Fitness & Health


Application for Platinum School Games Mark

Completing application with Sports Leaders and Captains; using video and pictures to help evidence

Part of day release to bring all evidence together and present

Oldfield achieved Platinum Mark for 2 years


Engaging the least active children.

Ask least active children in Y5/6 what club they might attend. Year 6 leaders have run more clubs this year. Cheernastics, Table Tennis and a Running Club. All very successful

Part of day release to oversee and new table tennis bats purchased

 100% commitment and enthusiasm from the Sports Leaders

Sports Leaders to choose their area of interest and expertise to put on a club that the pupils themselves have requested


Support Huff & Puff & playground leaders in Y6 and train new Y5 leaders

More playground games activities at lunchtimes

Now sustainable activity

Healthy, active children returning to lessons ready to learn


Run/ walk a mile a day

Each class runs/ walks around the school playground taking approximately 10-15minutes. The number of laps they complete is increased each term and is sustainable.

Teachers / TAs time and belief in its value

Feedback from parents and children extremely positive more children being active and Improved fitness and ability to make healthy life style choices


New Age Kurling equipment purchased for SEND and Pupil premium pupils

Boccia also explored and tournament organised

Targets and further stones


Ownership of the Kurling Club has given the pupils more confidence and self belief


New goals for football to replace broken bars and uniform sizes


Quotes sought


New hockey kit for GKs required as we had 4 teams at training 2 x girls and 2 x boys


Quotes sought


An extensive range of sports activities are available

Enrichment programme is both diverse and high quality

Part of day release to lead some of these activities and encourage or oversee others

Improved and wider provision across the school


Competition & Elite


Pre term sports camp for all talented competitors in Year 5 and 6. Working on generic fitness skills as well as game specific skills for Hockey, football Rugby and netball

An excellent full day with outside professional coaches and in house expertise

Part of day release to lead some of these activities and organise whole day


Design of a new and fully comprehensive fixture list for all pupils


Part of day release to lead some of these activities

All pupils are able to access school sports events. PE and sport are used to foster positive relationships with other schools


House Matches undertaken in netball to encourage more pupils to play for fun

House captains select everyone in their house who would like to play and then rotate the players around. Demonstrated incredible leadership skills and new players to the sport were put at the ease

Part of day release to oversee

In part responsible for higher uptake of netball this year


Parents v Pupils netball match 2 x a year and Rounders at end of summer term.

Parents organise a team to play all 3 netball teams


Encourages parents to help with clubs as they have enjoyed the opportunity to play again and want to continue


Competition & participation monitored and analysed by PE lead

Additional competition created by PE lead by forming local netball leagues, hockey, rugby, rounders, cricket, Kurling, golf, Boccia and tennis fixtures

Part of day release

And fees


Improved and wider provision across the school


New PE Kit for Staff and Pupils to augment  Oldfield’s identity and their uniqueness

Part of day release

Pupils’ warmer and look forward to outside PE more even when weather is inclement.

Staff pupils and governors working as one team

Total approx. £14800 to date with contingency for rest of year.




Pupils 2014/5





Netball 5/6

1, 2, 3 & 4






Netball 3/4





Hockey both girls & boys

2 & 3






Football teams

1,2, 3, 4,5,6




Pro Direct Football

1,2, 3, 4,5,6





Girls football







Rugby teams






Scrummies Rugby





Girls Rugby

5, 6







5 & 6






5 & 6






5 & 6






1, 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6





Table Tennis






















Positions 2014/15




Netball 5/6 A team



= 1st


Netball 5/6 B team

No B team


3rd in B team league


Football 5/6 A team





Football 5/6 B team





Table tennis


Competitions attended 2017-18



St Georges’ U9 tournament

Semi finals

Girls Football tournament with Magpies

Semi finals

Boys Football tournament with Magpies

Group stages

Hockey Year 5/6 County Finals - Boys

1st position for Boys in plate final

Hockey Year 5/6 County Finals -Girls

5th place

Long Close Rugby – A team

1st place

Long Close Rugby – B team

3rd place